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Robert Grimes

Sr. Chaplain
Academy Director

Preston Devers

Statewide Lead
Assist. Academy Dir.

Cherie Grimes

Assistant Sr. Chaplain

Mike Neil

Executive Director

Tom Jonez

Assist. Exec. Director

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National Police and Fire Academy

2023 Academy September 10th – 15th

  • You will receive a certification from the national academy in comprehensive chaplaincy, mirroring national standards for Chaplaincy training.
  • Training, trauma support, millennial culture, crisis intervention and response and a host of other areas in the environments of community, police and fire services.

Washington State Chaplain Foundation

The Washington State Chaplain Foundation was originally formed to provide support for the chaplaincy program for the Washington State Patrol and the Department of Fish and Wildlife Police. In 2021 the foundation expanded their support to include chaplains from any State Agency, Police, Sheriff or Fire Department.

We are now the Washington State Police and Fire Chaplains

WSCF Volunteer chaplains provide a wide range of care not only to employees but their families and the public. The most obvious services the chaplains provide is assistance with death notifications.  However, a bigger part of what they do is focused on spending time with officers and Fire Fighters in their day to day activity to develop relationships to help them do their very difficult jobs. They also respond to major disasters when called anywhere in the State.  These volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever and wherever they are called, they go.

The WSCF is committed to the highest standards of training, expertise, and
professionalism.  To this end, WSCF founded the National Police and Fire
Chaplain Academy.  This academy trains chaplains globally to be the most
comprehensive, high quality and practically equipped chaplains anywhere.
This includes expertise in police, fire, and community chaplaincy skill

WSCF Advisory Board

Meet the team who makes up the WSCF Board