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Next Academy scheduled for September 8th to the 13th, 2024

Fill out the application form NPFCA (Revised 4.11.2023)

The world of first responders is a rapidly changing environment.  Police are under increasing risk of death and injury.  Stressors for first responders are at an all time high.  At the same time chaplains are being challenged with providing care and support in these increasingly difficult environments.

Nationally, chaplains are a fairly disparate group.  National coordinating and certifying organizations such as ICPC and FFC are working to connect chaplains. However, it is difficult as classes are held in varying locations requiring travel multiple times to get all requirements fulfilled.  This can be a significant cost for often retired chaplains.

NPFCA offers both new and current chaplains the unique opportunity to meet certification requirements in both police and fire chaplaincy in a week-long academy. The Academy faculty include very seasoned and mature chaplains and other agency experts that provide highly valuable transfer of knowledge and experiencial lessons. The training is comprehensive and includes both lecture and practical components.

As chaplains are called on to provide more care and support in more difficult situation, certifications in both fields is highly valuable to agencies across the country as well as to major disaster Incident Command Teams.

NPFCA is committed to providing the highest quality professional training for chaplains anywhere in the nation.


The mission of the NPFCA is to equip chaplains with highly valuable skills from experienced faculty so they can return to their agencies and provide the most effective care and support possible.